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 A  New Corrosion-Resistant Gas Cans

  Less investment! Gas fast! Easy to install!

    Biogas is the “Eco-Home get rich scheme”project promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, The promotion and application of biogas in rural areas of China is a primary energy revolution. Baoji chao Adcanced Technology Research Institute developed new gas tank of chemical synthesis according to market demand. As the product uses hyperbolic and less sealed knot patented technology and unique intellectual property of the synthesis of new technology, the gas can is good in mechanical properties, corrosion resistant, sealing strong, light in weight, easy to carry. The combined benefit of gas tank integrated cost reduction is up to 1,500 Yuan annually, including labor cost, coal, pesticides, etc. It can be described as a long-term benefit purchase for one time investment, and are very popular currently. The product features are as following:

1、New Materials: New gas tank is a polymer composite made of organic and inorganic materials, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation properties than traditional cement pools.

2、Economic benefits: Conventional digesters, generally can only be necessary to overhaul 3-5 years time, and easy to Frost Crack, an equal share cost of 360 yuan per year, while a new gas tank has a long life, and gas production than the traditional 20% increase in above(and compared with conventional gas production increased by 20% or more); a family of five one year can save 700 RMB.

3、The pressure inside of the jar can rise to 15 kPa ,equipped with overpressure protection device, good sealed and long life.

4、Product quality meet the national quality inspection department testing standards, there is a reliable technical support and after-sales service system.

5、Tank warming fast, Fermented fast, strong pressure, gas full. two or more jars can be connected with each other to generate electricity for household use

6、High strength, light weight, easy to transportation, easy to installation, long service life.The biogas digesters widely used is built by concrete and weighing about 8  tons. This product is composed of two hemispheres, weighing only 360 kg, can be stacked for transportation, on-site installation requires only one day (farmers dug pits)

7、Gas production rate:Thermal conductivity coefficient of gas cans 1.42kj/(m.h),concrete thermal conductivity coefficient of 5.44kj/(m.h), heat loss reduction of 3.8 times more than concrete, so to ensure a high rate of gas production.

8、Affordable:Although the gas tank technology advanced and materials price is high , but a maintenance cost of concrete manufacturing costs account for about 30%, so a composite price of new gas tank lower than the concrete.

9、labor-saving environmental protection:A new gas tank and ease of installation, saving time.In view of the many advantages of Biogas Development in recent years have governments at all levels attach great importance to and vigorously promoted.However, methane is a volatile gas, is difficult to store, using the traditional masonry cement biogas digesters under pressure with limited easy to leak.  Baoji Research Institute of Ultra-up of high-tech research and development of a new biogas digester tank up for the inadequacies of civil engineering.After Shanxi, Neimen, Gansu and other provinces of the large number of users that the new gas tank stable performance, gas foot, suitable for four seasons.

      Institute undertake research and medium-sized biogas utilization project report writing, biogas construction, biogas power generation project at the same time. We have Provided product for about 70 million Yuan project of large-scale methane utilization in Baoji, Erdos, Urumqi and other cities. Clients are welcome to come for visit, consultation and purchase.

     Five kinds of advantages:

1、Confined good! Long life!

2、Multi-gas production.Increased gas production 20%!

3、Insulation performance is good.Fast low-temperature start!

4、To avoid the maintenance,annual consumption reduced 80%!

5、Multi-function, quick to install,easy to move! Four


1、Lighting and cooking don’t need electricity.

2、Human and animal faeces does not pollute the environment.

3、Biogas fertilizer can increase the production of organic vegetables.

4、Good results caused by use biogas residue to feed livestock.

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    新型耐腐沼气罐 投资少!产气快!安装简便! 沼气是国家农业部推广的“生态家园富民计划”项目,沼气的推广和应用是我国农村的一次能源革命。宝鸡超达高技术研究所根据市场需求,研制开发化学合成新型沼气罐,由于产品采用了双曲线、少封结专利技术和独有知识产权的合成新工艺,因此沼气罐的力学性能好、耐腐蚀、密封性强、重量轻、易搬运。从而使沼气罐综合费用降低,每年省工、省煤、省肥省农药所产生的综合效益达1500元以上,可谓一次选购,长期受益,深受群众喜爱,期产品特点如下:










    超达研究所同时承接大中型沼气综合利用工程的可研报告撰写、沼气工程施工、沼气发电、沼肥利用等项目。已成为宝鸡、鄂尔多斯、乌鲁木齐等市提供了 投资约7000万元的 大型沼气综合利用项目。 热诚欢迎广大用户前来参观、咨询、选购。













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